Common Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain affects one in five Americans, and is one of the leading causes for disability. Knee pain is at the top of the list of problem areas due to a number of causes, including inactivity, inflammation, poor posture, improperly treated injuries, and obesity. At Wellspring Regenerative, we can provide you with a complimentary consultation to see if stem cell therapy is the right treatment for you. Call to schedule your appointment at one of our two locations in Daytona or Orange City.

What You Can Do

One of the best things that you can do to maintain your knee health is to remain active. Your joints do better when they are active, which means that prolonged periods of inactivity can lead to joints that are more prone to injury. There are a number of low-impact activities that provide the movement you need, including swimming, brisk walking, cycling, and rowing.

Get Medical Help

Whether you live an active lifestyle or just want to enjoy your recreational hobbies free of pain, we can help. At Wellspring Regenerative, we are proud to offer stem cell therapy for knees as a noninvasive, safe, and effective treatment to alleviate joint pain. Call today to learn more about stem cell therapy, as well as what it offers you, and schedule an appointment at one of our two locations in Daytona or Orange City.