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People can experience chronic pain for a wide variety of reasons, including old injuries, physical ailments, and accidents. One method of treatment that has shown success in alleviating chronic pain is stem cell therapy. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at what stem cells are, where they come from, and how they help.

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What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are quite unique among other cells in the body. They have the ability to develop into many other different types of cells, which are known as daughter cells. Due to their ability to become any other type of cell, stem cells can be referred to as master cells. Stem cells can divide without limit and each new cell formed from these divisions has the capability of either remaining a stem cell or becoming another type of cell with a different function, including a muscle cell, or a red blood cell.

Where Do They Come From?

Adult stem cells are typically found in small numbers in bone marrow or fat. Scientists use to think that adult stem cells could create only similar types of cells, but new research shows that they may be able to create various types of cells. Currently, adult stem cells are being tested in adults with neurological or heart disease.

Perinatal stem cells come from both the amniotic fluid and the blood in the umbilical cord. These stem cells also have the ability to change into other specialized cells. The discovery of stem cells in amniotic fluid was made by researchers who were studying for abnormalities in amniotic fluid drawn from pregnant women.

How Do Stem Cells Help?

Stem cell therapy is also referred to as regenerative medicine because it has been shown to promote the repair response of diseased or dysfunctional tissue. It will likely be the next step in organ donation since patients will no longer need to rely on a donor’s organ, which can be a lengthy process.

Are Stem Cells Currently Used By Doctors As Treatments For Medical Issues?

The use of stem cells to treat various medical conditions is still in its early stages. One study showed that the use of stem cells as regenerative medicine looks promising for treating chronic pain. Another study indicated that since the immune and neurological systems of the body are closely related, and the development of the central nervous system seems to lessen the body’s ability to regenerate, stem cell therapy could have a great impact in healing the cells and tissues that begin to degenerate.

At Wellspring Regenerative Medicine, we care about each of our patients and their wellbeing. We know that living with chronic pain can be unbearable, which is why we strive to stay current with the latest medical studies so that we can provide the highest level of care. If you are tired of suffering with chronic pain, then contact our office in Daytona to learn how stem cell therapy might be right for treating your chronic pain.